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The complete 15-Episode series
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International Film Service (Hearst)/Wharton 1916 / 15 Episodes / Girl Reporter Series
Heroine: Beatrice Fairfax (Grace Darling)
Her Pal: Jimmy Barton (Harry Fox)
Supporting Cast: Nigel Barrie, Betty Howe, Elsie Baker, Mae Hopkins, Mary Cranston, Robin Townley, Olive Thomas

Produced by
Theodore and Leopold Wharton
Historical Consultant
Terry Harbin
Restored by
Eric Stedman
Filmed in Ithaca, New York in 1916
Published by
The Serial Squadron

An absolutely amazing find--a lost silent serial from 1916 now viewable for the first time in over 90 years! And transferred in sparkling, sometimes pristine quality, from the Marion Davies Collection's original nitrate film negative! Includes all the restored and newly scored episodes described on this page (about 7 hours of content) plus a mini-documentary about the real-life Beatrice Fairfax and her column as well as the fictional character’s history on Disk 1.

fourteen 25-minute episodes from the long-lost 1916 series with a new original music score. 13 are complete and one (Ep. 3) is almost-complete, the last 1 minute has been reconstructed (Episode 1, which originally included a cameo by William Randolph Hearst himself, is not known to exist, but a re-creation of it by "Beatrice" herself, from an existing plot summary, is included). A vast amount of work was put into this series and we are sure you will enjoy it. Don’t miss Warner Oland’s cameo in one episode as a police commissioner!

DVD Contents:
Beatrice Fairfax
Mini-documentary written by Raymond William Stedman, a custom-made 9 minute mini-documentary tracing Beatrice's history from newspaper feature to the screen, radio, comics and the stage, narrated by Joel Talmadge, as is an audio re-creation of the lost episode, narrated by Kate Huston with piano accompaniment by Eric Stedman.

Episode 1: The Missing Watchman (Short audio re-creation of the episode)
Episode 2: The Adventure of the Jealous Wife featuring Elsie Baker
Episode 3: Billy's Romance featuring Little John Sullivan and Dick Stewart
Episode 4: The Stone God featuring Nigel Barrie, Mike Rale and Betty Howe
Episode 5: Mimosa San featuring Yumiko Nagahara, Frank Honda and Elsie Baker
Episode 6: The Forbidden Room featuring Betty Howe, George Connor and Dick Bennard
Episode 7: A Name for a Baby featuring Allan Murnane
Episode 8: At the Ainsley Ball featuring Mae Hopkins
Episode 9: Outside the Law featuring Mae Hopkins
Episode 10: Play Ball
featuring Olive Thomas and Nigel Barrie
Episode 11: The Wages of Sin featuring Betty Howe and Nigel Barrie
Episode 12: Curiosity featuring George Connor and Dick Stewart
Episode 13: The Ringer
Episode 14: The Hidden Menace featuring Betty Howe
Episode 15: Wristwatches featuring Evelyn Farris and Wellington Playter

The image quality here is amazing, with excellent midtones, looking very much as it did when first released. This is a wonderful thing for a film that is now 96 years old. Reassembled and tinted according to the original instructions (according to notes written on the negative itself!) and with a re-created missing chapter, new musical scores by Eric Stedman, and a new recording of "Beatrice Fairfax, Tell Me What to Do" By Laura Bowman.

All unseen for over 90 years and beautifully restored!

2-DVD set, 14 full episodes + extras, Original color tints, all-new musical scores

"I received my copy of the BEATRICE FAIRFAX DVD last week and watched it all. I loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Silent films have now become my favorite form of entertainment! In them, people are generally more courteous to each other, there's no swearing, you get to hear wonderful music accompaniments and look at the old cars and styles! Wow! The way the ending was reconstructed at the end of Billy's Romance was brilliant! I appreciate the love and care that has been put into restoring this special art form." -- customer Maria Davis, Illinois

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(Wharton 1917)
Produced by Theodore and Leopold Wharton
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Historical Consultant
Terry Harbin
Restored by
Eric Stedman
Filmed in Ithaca, New York in 1916
Published by
The Serial Squadron

PATRIA (pronounced “PAY-tree-ya,” sounds like “patriot”) was a “preparedness serial” (aka propaganda epic!) filmed in Ithaca, New York and featured well-known celebrity Irene Castle and actor Warner ("Charlie Chan") Oland.
The serial originally featured a Japanese spy ring, headed by Oland, after gold and munitions and the heiress Patria Channing, portrayed by Irene Castle. When then-President Woodrow Wilson learned about this story he asked the producers, the Wharton brothers, who were filming the serial in Ithaca with funding from William Randolph Hearst, to remove propagandistic Japanese references from it, which wasn't easy, considering that was the nationality of the main villains. New footage was then shot to suggest that the bad guys had hired Mexican  mercenaries to do their dirty work, and their own Japanese names were replaced by Mexican ones. It's been said that then a new villain portrayed by Wallace Beery was added to the story as the shooting location of the final chapters was moved to California and last few episodes directed by Jacques Jaccard, but we haven't turned up any evidence of Beery's involvement.

The story is a spy/sabotage thriller in which Oland's character, Baron Huroki, is out to plunder and destroy  munitions factory heiress and political activist Patria Channing and the Secret Service agent protecting her from the acts of sabotage on land and sea he initiates, with his not-too-small army of invaders. The action is fairly large-scale for a serial, chapter 10 being an out and out war between Huroki's army and the Channing factory workers,  and includes innovative miniature work by the Whartons' special effects team, predating the Lydecker brothers by many years, and a fantastic train trestle stunt!

Milton Sills is the hero of the story, playing a US Secret Service agent. The serial also features Mike Rale, who played the sinister Master of the Black Order in the MYSTERIES OF MYRA serial, as Huroki’s assistant Kato. Screen action takes place around Cayuga Lake and other recognizable Ithaca locations of historical interest. Interestingly, a very young Rudolph Valentino can be glimpsed in a group of dancers in a few shots in one episode which was filmed in a club where he was employed at a dance teacher at the time. It appears to be his earliest existing onscreen film footage.

The DVD includes:

Episode 2: "Treasure" in which Baron Huroki and his men sack the Channing estate in search of Patria’s secret defense fund and are willing to burn the place down if necessary to get it
Episode 3: "Winged Millions" in which Patria struggles to escape from a deathtrap in the ruins
Episode 4: "Double-crossed" in which Huroki schemes to replace Patria with a double, a dancer named Elaine, whose jealous manager has other plans
Episode 10: "War in the Dooryard" in which Baron Huroki’s army stages an all-out attack on New York and Captain Parr of the Secret Service assists Patria Channing’s men from the munitions factory, now trained as soldiers, in opposing them

(All the existing episodes include appearances by Warner Oland.) Added Bonus:
A 6 1/2 Minute Slideshow of advertisements and over 75 stills and behind the scenes photos from the serial

1 DVD; tinted & with new musical score, chapter markers; about 75 minutes

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“No matter how much a woman may mar a man, there is another woman who really cares.”
Cayuga Pictures 1920
Written and produced by GARDNER HUNTING
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ROBERT GORDON as Maurice Travers
VIRGINIA LEE as Donna Wayne
MADELYN CLARE as Madeline Marshall
Restoration/Cover art by ERIC STEDMAN
Historical Consultant
Music by

Popular college student Maurice Travers returns home after having rescued a friend from a fire in his fraternity hall and becomes hero of the campus. His mother is proud of him and childhood friend Madeline is filled with admiration. And so is attractive good-time girl and daughter of a wealthy trustee of the university, Donna Wayne. Will Maurice choose to pursue a path of pleasure with Donna, or devote himself to his education, which his mother has given everything for, and recognize Madeline’s true love?

The final motion picture filmed at the former Wharton studio in Renwick Park (now Stewart Park) in Ithaca, New York.

High resolution transfer. One short missing scene replaced by a series of title cards which maintain the story without interruption.

$ 9.95